Abbott New Products March 2018

83-ECO-5113 C0400-U0500 EA Min 6 4"H 6/C Small All-Purpose Jar. Recycled Glass. 83-ECO-2179 C0600-U0650 EA Min 6 10"H (10oz) 6/C Fish Shaped Bottle with Cork. Recycled Glass. 83-ECO-2174 C0650-U0750 EA Min 6 11.5"H (34oz) 6/C Embossed Peppers Bottle with Seal. Recycled Glass. 27-HARBOUR C0850-U01000 EA Min 1 5"W 6/C Harbour Seal Head. Verdigris. Resin. 27-KRAKEN-FIG C02000-U02250 EA Min 1 12"W 4/C Standing Octopus. Antique Black. Resin. 83-SEQUOIA-503 C04000-U04500 EA Min 1 20"L 1/C Jumbo Textured Clam Bowl. Recycled Glass. 2 Fits Maxilite